I am currently based out of Kitchener, Ontario but will gladly travel to wherever you are.
I’ve been shooting professionally since 2011, focusing on everything from weddings, to fashion editorials and classic portraits. I’ve had the privilege of shooting all around the globe from Chicago, to the Caribbean and as far as Australia.
I’m a people person and am always looking forward to connecting with new people and discovering what makes them tick. Every person is unique and at a different place in their life, and that’s what I find so exciting about shooting.
I will capture where you are now in a beautiful way, so that you can look back and revisit those special times for years to come.

For me, it’s not just about “taking a photo” but about telling your story.

I absolutely love what I do and I’d love to connect with you.

Feel free to send a message my way for further info and rates through my contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you:)

Where are you located?

I’m based out of Kitchener, Ontario which is just outside of Toronto.

Do you shoot film or digital?

I shoot everything digitally, (with professional equipment) and always have a backup camera. I also make sure to always use double memory cards in my camera body to assure no loss or damage to your photos during shoots.

Do you do destination weddings/elopements?

I do, and I have wedding collection packages especially for this. If you’re planning a destination wedding/elopement send me a message on the contact page and we can go over your options:)

Do you shoot family sessions?

I do shoot family sessions. If you head to the blog, (link in the menu bar) you can search “family session” there to see what those sessions look like as they are not featured in my “portfolio”.

What is a Bridal Session and Post-Wedding Session and why would I have one?

A bridal session is a photo session of you in your beautiful wedding outfits usually taking on a very editorial look, (ouu so fun). This gives you the chance to have a test run of your whole getup, (hair/makeup/dress) as well as a chance to get more comfy in front of the lens. They also can give you the opportunity to have photos done in a location not possible on the day of your wedding. You will get extra special photos of you without any stress of a wedding day time limit.

I also offer “post-wedding” sessions, which is a similar idea but after your big day instead of before. Maybe you want a different style of photography than the ones you had on your wedding day, a different location or if you eloped and didn’t have wedding photos done this is your chance.

If you have more questions about bridals and/or post wedding sessions feel free to message:)